Dutch floor grooved laminate parquet of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS series

Dutch floor laminate parquet DUTCH FLOOR PLUS has grooves in each tile that make it look like natural wood parquet

The material of grooved laminate parquet of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS series is HDF, like other parquet laminates, in which compressed wood chips are used

Dutch Floor Grooved Laminate Parquet of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS series is suitable for buyers who like the natural look of wood like natural wooden parquet

The price of grooved wooden parquet is also much lower than the cost of wooden parquet, which has attracted many people interested in this type of flooring

So, the main difference between regular parquet laminates and grooved laminate flooring is in the seams between each tile. In this type of laminate parquet, the seams are more than those of regular laminate parquet, and it is completely visible, and this characteristic has made it more beautiful

 It is called V-Groove

What is the grooved laminate parquet of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS or V-Groove series

It is produced in such a way that in each tile of this laminate parquet, the distances are the same as wooden parquet or close to it, so that the real feeling of wooden parquet is induced to the person

Also, the grain of wood, which if worked on its surface, both visually and in terms of the difference of very fine surfaces when touching, causes the feeling of natural parquet to be taken from it.
Decorative papers are used in Dutch Floor grooved laminate parquet designs of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS series to fully convey the feeling of natural wooden parquet

What is the cleaning of grooved laminate parquet of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS series

Due to the fact that parquet laminates have a special coating, they have a high resistance to moisture, and for this reason, you can easily wash the parquet laminate. Shiardardach Floor V-Groove Laminate Parquet has this property and is resistant like other parquet laminates. Also, the design of the unevenness of the surface of this laminate parquet does not cause any interference in cleaning it and it can be cleaned easily

The advantages of grooved laminate parquet of the DUTCH FLOOR PLUS series are

Due to the naturalness of the seams between each tile in grooved laminate parquet, which causes its natural appearance, after long-term use, if these seams are opened, its appearance will still look natural.
 According to the existing seams, in addition to having more pressure tolerance, lines and lines will be seen much less in it.
 All contractions and expansions that may occur in the event of heat or cold due to the gaps between each tile do not change their appearance, and for this reason grooved laminate parquet can be a suitable option.

Things that are called as disadvantages of grooved laminate parquet

– Stores that do not sell grooved laminate parquet always declare that there is a possibility of dust remaining between the grooves after cleaning, which is a lie, and the seams in grooved laminate parquet are so small. It is clear that this will never happen and the sellers use this method as a trick to sell their other products.
– The price of grooved laminate parquet is more expensive than other laminate flooring samples, and we have managed the pricing with a suitable method by presenting the grooved laminate parquet sample of the Dutch Floor series, DUTCH FLOOR PLUS, and with a competitive price, we have been able to sell this product at a competitive price. Sell simple samples to reputable stores nationwide.

In what space is grooved laminate parquet or V-Groove used



Due to the fact that wooden parquet gives double warmth to the environment and this type of laminate envelope looks very similar to it, it can be used in environments such as bedrooms or receptions in homes or administrative offices and luxury commercial stores. used it


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